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4x4 Off Road Driving Courses

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4x4 is The Perfect Weather Activities


The Malaysia | Kuala Lumpur Off Road Driving Centre is the biggest, best and most challenging 4 x 4 off road driving course in Malaysia. Our off-road driving range in few selected site has a wide variety of natural and man made obstacles designed to offer challenges for every 4x4 and All Terrain Vehicle user from the complete novice to the hardened professional.

We speciallse in off road driving and pride ourselves on having a 'real' 4x4 challenge on our hill, it is great fun and requires a fair amount of driver skill. We believe in making the journey on road and off road as an unforgettable experience for our guest. We can pick up guest from home, hotel depart straight onto the designated site in a vehicle where you will be given a brief five minute of safety. Demonstration on the basic driving techniques, river crossing, rock climbing, Mud crossing. The driver will start you off with a few manoeuvres to build up your enjoyment and experience. You will slowly get adjusted to those rocking, bumpy vehicle handing.


Professional Workplace and Industrial 4x4 Diver training at The Scottish Off Road Driving Centre


Our half and one day professional off road driving courses are the British Off Road Driving Association's training to "Basic" and "Standard Certification, Which are the most widely recognised standards for industrial users of 4x4 vehicles under average Tropical Jungle in Malaysia conditions. They can only be delivered by a BORDA Specialist Trainer and they are  the minimum recommended standards approved by the SPAD for driving light 4x4 vehicles in the Malaysia. They assume that the trainee has sound road driving competence with a full driving licence and that the trainee will attend with the vehicle (or similar) that they will be using off road.

On completion of the course to a competent level the trainee will receive a copy of their Assessment Result Worksheet and a BORDA certificate will be applied for.

We can also offer training at your own site.


One Day Professional Off Road Driving Courses



The courses is designed to give a basic safety awareness of the potential risks involved when using a 4x4 for driving off road, with the trainees expected to be using only firm ground with gentle slopes (for example urban building sites, school playing fields, airport maintenance etc). The courses is based is based on two trainees per instructor and lasts for half a day, starting at 9.30am and finishing at 12.30pm. A certificate is issued with a driver report for the employer.


09.30 hrs

Introduction: Covering Operator Safety and Environment, vehicle controls, specialist, transmission and braking, vehicle checks.

10.00 hrs

Driving: starting and moving off, stopping and emergency stop, gentle ascents and descents, observation and risk assessment.

12.00 hrs

Debriefing and assessment results

12.30 hrs



The course is designed to give a comprehensive safety awareness of the potential risks when using a 4x4 for driving off road with the trainee expected to be using potentially slippery ground with moderate slopes (for example Open cast Mines, Wind Farm sites, Telephone Masts servicing, Tree Surgery Contractors etc).

The Standard course is the minimum recommended level for industrial 4x4 use and lasts a full day, starting at 9.30am and finishing at 4.00pm. This courses is based on two trainess per instructor, a certificate and driver report are issued on completion.


09.30 hrs

Introduction: covering Operator Safety and Environment, vehicle controls, specialist controls, transmission and braking, vehicle checks.

10.00 hrs

Driving: starting and moving off, stopping and emergency stop, gentle ascents and descents, observation and risk assessment.

12.00 hrs

Lunch Break : trainees should bring some sandwiches and a soft drink; coffee / tea is available at reception.

13.00 hrs

Driving Ascents: risk assessment of ascents, stall recovery, loss of traction recovery.

14.00 hrs

Driving Descents: risk assessment of descents, traction control, braking, loss of control

15.00 hrs

Driving: ditches and ridges, ruts and mud, side slopes, returning to the road.

16.00 hrs

Debriefing and assessment results.

Please Call 019-6622 929 for details


BORDA Vehicle Mounted Winch Courses


This is a one day courses covering the basic operation of a vehicle mounted winch and assumes the trainee has driver competence to BORDA Standard level. This trainee must attend with the vehicle and winch they are using. Aspects covered are; operator, identifying equipment and ratings, understanding controls, loadings and anchor points, straight recovery, angled recovery, angled recovery, recovering other vehicles and objects, de-rigging safely.

BORDA Certificate and driver report issued on completion.


BORDA "Standard" All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and Quad Bika Training


BORDA "Standard" ATV and Quad Bike course is designed for operators working under standard UK daylight conditions with gradients up to 30 degrees. The course is a one day course starting with an introduction to the trainee's vehicle and controls, then moving onto driving covering stability, ascents and descents, side slopes, ditches and ridges, water, and the Emergency Stop.

A BORDA certificate and Diver report issued on completion.





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