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Janda Baik 4x4 Off Road Adventure

Code WD01


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Malaysia 4x4 Off Road Adventure | Janda Baik 4x4 Off Road | Kuala Lumpur 4x4 Off Road

4x4 Off Road Adventure Team Building | 4x4 Off Road Adventure Treasure Hunt


Malaysia 4x4 Off Road Adventure Tour appeals to those who yearn to be different the the conventional city tour, those who want to see outside of Kuala Lumpur and surrounding with greenery and nature. This tour will brings one back to nature covering the layback lifestyle, village "kampung" living, fruit farm visit, tropical rainforest, rivers, waterfalls, with highlight of 4x4 Off Road brushing through the un-passable passage, swamp area, river crossing, rock climbing, and of course picnic and opportunity to swim in the river. Any risk ? We would say, yes and no but please bring your free thought, nature loving, be prepared to go back to nature.

Who should join in : Tourist, Nature Lover, 4x4 Off Road Enthusiast, Family Outing, Corporate Team Building




Day Trip - 4x4 Off Road Adventure, 4WD Off Road Adventure in Janda Baik

Janda Baik literally means the village where the good widow lives. Janda Baik is about 45 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur and due to its close proximity this destination is just nice for adventure seeking enthusiast and nature lover. Janda Baik have many nice surprises for the visitor, layback life style in village, un-spoilt nature, waterfalls, primary forest, Orang Asli settlements, all within easy reach. Janda Baik also known as the rich men retirement homes has a unique blend of beautiful landscapes, fresh mountain air and unparallel environment. Janda Baik also happens to be circling by few fresh water flowing through it.

Janda Baik surrounded by tropical rainforest happen to be fall into Malaysia's rugged terrain concept, dense rain forests and numerous mountainous regions make it an irresistible destination for off road driving enthusiasts. Mud, heat, sloping hills and rainstorms add to the challenge in the gruelling and exhilarating sport of off road adventure. In fact as total count, approximately, 58 per cent of the country still under jungle cover, Janda Baik is one of the easy access to 4x4 Off Road Trek. Malaysia's terrain bring out the best of man and machine in a test of skill under ever changing conditions. Our experienced four wheel guides will let you experience the fun and excitement on our rough terrains in our rainforest. Get ready for a good time!


Tour Itinerary



: Pick up from Genting Sempah, 4WD leaving for Janda Baik


: Arrive at Janda Baik. Visit to the local Garden House, next proceed to fruit farm.
Commence Off Road Adventure into the Rainforest. Continue Journey through some very rough jungle trek, and undulating hills, wet muddy treks and an exciting river crossing. You will experience the 4x4 Off Road rock climbing as well. The route crosses 2 way rivers and the ending points is the climb over some rough rocky patches that lead to the top of the hill.


: Picnic Lunch will be provided.
After Lunch, begin journey back to civilization


: Expected arrival into Kuala Lumpur


Tour Rate


Day Trip - 4x4 Off Road Adventure, 4WD Off Road Adventure in Janda Baik


: Janda Baik Bukit Tinggi, Pahang

Tour Code

: WD01

Package Rate

RM 600 Per Person (Minimum 2 Person)

RM 425 Per Person (3-4 Person)

RM 405 Per Person (5-6 Person)

RM 395 Per Person (7-8 Person)

Packages Includes

: 4WD Vehicles up to 4 persons per vehicles

  Lunch and Cold Drinks Refreshments

  Tour and visit Per Itinerary

Good and Service Tax

: Included GST6%


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Number of People


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4x4 Off Road Enthusiast Must Know


We Provide:

  • Zip Lock Bag

  • Mineral Water

  • Lunch

  • Guides (Qualified First Aid)

  • 4WD Transport

  • Transport throughout the journey (Return Transfer to Hotel)

Things to Bring of Your Own

  • Extra clothing to change

  • Towel

  • Medication (if necessary):- First Aid Kit is with Guide Tour

  • Private Camera (Optional)

  • Personal Toiletries (Environment Friendly)


  • Casual t-shirts with long / short pants

  • Jungle trekking shoes / sandals / sport shoes

  • Socks

  • Extra pair of slipper / shoes (in case of emergency example: Shoes Worn Out)


Booking and Payment




Day Trips

Booking has to be made at least 48 hrs prior to departure.

Overnight Trips

Booking has to be made at least 14 days prior to departure.
Full payment to be made upon confirmation of booking.



Participants should note that an adventure trip involves risk. Whilst we make every effort to safeguard our guest, we cannot be held responsible for personal injury or loss due to the action of clients which are beyond our control. A signed release or Indemnity Form will be required from all participants.

We and our partners reserve the right to make such alteration to departure and completion dates, reducing the extent of a trip, etc, that we deem necessary due to road, river or weather conditions or other conditions beyond our control including minimum safe running numbers, before and whilst on a trip.

Postponement notice will be provided by us or our partner prior to the trip. Due to bad weather or high water in which high risks is unavoidable or insufficient participants. All payment will be transferred to a later date of same trip scheduled or a full refund to guest if services not rendered.

Guest may postpone the trip to the later date but no cancellation shall be entertained.
NO REFUND for cancellation by guest.

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